Crema marfil

Verifica la disponibilità in tempo reale nel nostro magazzino online! Important information about this material. Also perfect for walls and countertops, its durable surface .

This collection is ideally suited for indoor bathroom and kitchen applications, . CREMA MARFIL, The latest in digital porcelain print technology. Its variety of formats, both for flooring and for coating, . TM-polished-marble-tile-womag-2.

MN-polished-marble-tile-womag-2. Directional features bring in accents of light clay and soft grey. Bevele Cascade and Crescent . Tried and tested – one of the most well-known Limestones around. A classic cream stone with caramel and cinnamon veining . Marble tile for entrance, kitchen and bathroom floors. Stone extracted in the nearby . Crema Marfil – A limestone laminate design in creamy-beige.

It is Evolution-Marvel collection.

Shop the marble Crema marfil Collection at TileBar. Variations in color and structure are natural and . A soft cream marble with subtle grey veining and off white highlights. Limited stock available, please check levels with Customer Service. Warm creamy beige coloration with . It presents some occasional veining and very . Viene utilizzato particolarmente per rivestimenti, pavimentazioni interne ed esterne, scale e .