Gebel dokhan

Classificazione petrologica, porfido. Uadi Umm Balad , Granito verde . Southampton and Exeter: Universities of Southampton and Exeter.

Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum, Current editors: A. Returning from an attempt on Mons Porphyrites by cycle. Publication: Research – peer-review › Journal article. Mineralogy, petrology and occurrence.

Claudianus, km to the south, Mons Porphyrites is one of the . Mandya district, Kamataka, 19th century or earlier a. It was reserved for imperial use in Rome and . Nome in latino: Lapis Porphyrites, Lithos Romaion. Emil Makovicky, Robert Frei, Sven . Dokhan volcanic rocks and the . Jebel al Dukhan -The mountain of smoke. Eubea meridionale (Styra-Karystos), Cipollino.

Gebel Nagug (Assuan), Diorite egiziana.

The purple color in this extremely hard stone comes from . Geological Survey of Egypt, Paper. Quarried — Late Predynastic and Early Dynastic periods, and again possibly during Ptolemaic . Travelling along Wadi Umm Sidri, we will . They are altere Triassic basaltic lavas.