Lasius niger

Nome scientifico: Lasius niger. Black Garden Ants species Lasius niger. Starting with only one queen ant.

Non presenta zampe, è di colore biancastro lucido, con le appendici boccali abbastanza evidenti, con la . A caresheet for the black garden ant (Lasius niger), describing how to keep them as pets and care for them. Latin Name: Lasius (Lasius s. str.) niger. Taxonomy: Subfamily: Formicinae, Tribe: Lasiini.

Keeping Level: (1) very easy in . They are easy to keep, colonies grow fast and can be kept at room . Common name: Common black garden ant. They are survivors and can handle harsh environments and situations. Colony forMonogyne (single Queen). Differential gene expression between adult queens and workers in the ant Lasius niger, . This ant often builds its nest in soil, in tree stumps or under stones or logs, and it frequently nests beneath paving stones in gardens (4).

Information about the biology of the Navajo Reservation ant Lasius niger. Lasius niger oder auch Schwarze Wegameise, Mattschwarze Wegameise, Schwarze Gartenameise oder Schwarzgraue Wegameise genannt, .

Genus Lasius (cornfield ants, citronella ants). Lasius niger,The biggest choice of ants, nests, accessories and equipment for the breeding in your captivity, with ease! Exciting behavior, interesting, little . Workers (non-reproductive females) are blackish-brown in colour and covered in . In this study we measured the body size, expressed as head width, of Lasius niger workers collected from young colonies in their ergonomic .