If you arrive from Bale direction stop and park . Eine Ausgrabung in der Nähe von Rovinj, Kroatien. From media Commons, the free media repository.

The top destination for Megaliths and Prehistory worldwide. Nothing has changed – except those tourist information tables and the beer . Monkodonja: Hillfort in Croatia. Get to know Croatia at Adriatic.

SAVE UP TO OFF hotels near Monuments and Landmarks in Rovinj. View great deals on all major rental car companies in one place. Das laufende Grabungsprojekt an der adriatischen Küste ist einer protourbanen, wahrscheinlich . The site is one of the best preserve and most . Tako nailazimo na nazive poput Makadanj, Mokadanj, Makedonski Vrh, . It is an example of prehistoric hill . Prvo se zaustavljamo pokraj kamenoloma Monfiorenzo ili Fantazija.

Istraživanje protourbanog naselja brončanog doba Istre. Taking advantage of the attractive old city centre, of picturesque fishing-boats in the harbour, batanas, and of extremely pleasant climate, members of the .

Der Name der Bergsiedlung MONKODONJA bedeutet im lokalen italienischen Dialekt Quitten Berg. Heute befindet sich außer einer großen . Bronze Age fort where lived more than 5residents divided on the lower city, the . Descrizione tecnica del percorso. Sie wurde relativ spät entdeckt und .