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Stonehearth Templates is a place to find Stonehearth templates to download. Browse, share, downloa comment, add to favorites. Houses And Shops ‎Most Downloaded ‎Top Rated ‎CastlesStoneHearth Builds – a fan site for sharing building templates!

Copia cacheTraduci questa paginafeb 20- I like the idea of this a lot. Maybe you can add a version fiel though. So that you can mark a template to be built in e. Hi, Is there a place where people can download other peoples templates? This is a database of StoneHearth building templates. You can send builds that you like or search for one to use in your game.

Hello, we have just launched a website to upload and download templates. We are looking for builders to upload their templates and test our . Hey guys how are you I am sorry for didn’t update I was given a gift to a friend sotnehearth in steam I. Feel free to leave a like and a favorite! It’ll show me that you want more of the series and/or video! Welcome to the official Stonehearth subreddit.

Stonehearth is a RPG block game that is in open alpha. I was wondering if the Ascendancy citizens had crafting-themed default buildings such as Raya’s Children’s’ Potter’s Hut or The Forge.